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Personal EQ Meter™

EQ Doctor
The Personal EQ Meter is a TMI tool designed to accurately assess and develop a person's Emotional Intelligence (EI).  The Personal EQ Meter consists of two elements: A Workbook and a Test.

The Workbook
The Personal EQ Meter Workbook contains an introduction to the concept of emotional intelligence and a description of the five main areas and the 15 components of EI as defined in the TMI publication Heart Work.
For each component specific suggestions are given for improving your competence in this area.

The Test
The Personal EQ Meter Test is a TMI tool designed to accurately assess a person's emotional intelligence within 15 EI components.
The scoring of the test as well as the feedback returned to the respondent is done by a TMI consultant or a person who has been trained and certified by TMI.
Read more about Personal EQ Meter on the TMI website.

Test information
All responses will be kept in a confidential file by Time Manager International A/S. The test results will only be passed on to the respondent.

TMI will not pass on the results of an individual respondent to others without the prior approval of the respondent – unless the respondent has been advised prior to completing the test.

After a certain time the respondent's identity will be deleted. Results related to the individual respondent can thus not be obtained any more unless a new agreement is made between the respondent and TMI. The anonymous results will be used for research purposes only to maintain and develop the quality of the test.

If you have any questions about the safekeeping of your test results, you are welcome to contact TMI.

Heart Work Book
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